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Alloy 6B Corrosion Materials

  • DescriptionIndustries & ApplicationsResistance to CorrosionFabrication and Heat TreatmentAlloy 6B is a cobalt-based alloy with great wear, erosion and abrasion resistance. The wear resistance of alloy 6B is due to the chemical composition and is not a product of heat treatment or other hardening mechanisms. The low coecient of friction of alloy 6B allows it to resist seizing and galling; proving useful in areas and applications where lubrication is dicult or impractical. Even under constant erosive conditions, alloy 6B has shown exceptional cavitation erosion resistance. Elevated temperature exposuHardfacing Alloys - Deloro Stellite Inc.Kennametal Stellite manufactures consumable weld overlay materials as cast rod, cored wire, electrodes, and powder, with a special focus on nickel and cobalt base materials. Products Stellite 6B Cobalt Alloy 6b / Stellite 6b (AMS 5894) - Aircraft MaterialsCobalt alloy 6b / Stellite 6b is a cobalt-based, chromium-tungsten alloy used extensively in wear environments where its low friction coefficient minimises the risk of seizing and galling, even in applications where lubrication is not practical.

    Cobalt Alloy Talonite and Stellite Knives - KnifeArt

    Stellite is the name of a family of cobalt alloys created in the early 1900s and manufactured by Kennametal Stellite. Talonite is actually a type of Stellite; it's also known as Stellite 6BH. Stellite 6K is another alloy used in knife blades. Cobalt Stellite 6B Tech Steel & MaterialsStellite Alloy 6B is a wrought base-cobalt alloy. It is used in applications where wear, corrosion and high temperature resistance are needed. It is most commonly found in directional drilling tools, aerospace applications, valve parts, shaft sleeves and knives. Component Elements Properties Percent Cobalt balance Nickel (maximum) 3% Silicon (maximum) 2% Iron (maximum) 3% Manganese (maximum) 2 STELLITE 21 ALLOY - DeloroStellite TM 21 Bal. 27,0 2,5 1,5 5,5 C, B, Si, Mn PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ALLOY Hardness Density Melting Range Stellite TM 21 27 - 40 HRC / 290 - 430 HV ~ 8,33 g/cm 3 ~ 1295 1435°C . NOMINAL HOT HARDNESS (HV resp. DPH) OF UNDILUTED WELD DEPOSIT

    STELLITE 6 ALLOY TECHNICAL DATA - specialmetals.ir

    Stellite® 6 is available as welding wire, rod, powder, and electrodes; finished castings and P/M parts. Deloro Stellite also offers hardfacing services. A separate brochure is available for the wrought forms of this alloy, namely Stellite® 6B and Stellite® 6K. Stellite® 6 STELLITETM 6 ALLOY - DeloroStellite TM 6 Bal. 28,0 4,5 1,2 Fe, Ni, Mo, Mn, Si PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ALLOY Hardness Density Melting Range Stellite TM 6 36 - 46 HRC / 380 - 490 HV ~ 8,44 g/cm 3 ~ 1285 1410°C NOMINAL HOT HARDNESS (HV resp. DPH) AS CAST 20°C 100°C 200°C Stellite - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsStellite® 6, the nominal chemical composition of which is 2732% Cr, 46% W, 0.91.4% C, with additions of Ni, Fe, Si, Mn and Mo and Co as balance, is a two-phase alloy, with a chromium carbide minor phase, which has been shown to have outstanding resistance to both erosion and corrosion.

    Stellite - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Thus the record for Stellite 6B (a CoCrW alloy) in the materials data-table is linked to the elements cobalt, chromium and tungsten in the elements data-table, giving access to their countries of origin, annual production and criticality status. Stellite 6B Bush, Cobalt Chrome Alloy Bush, Cobalt Alloy We Offer Stellite 6B Bush, Cobalt Chrome Alloy Bush, Cobalt Alloy Bush, Inconel Casting, Monel Casting, Hastelloy Casting, Nitronic 60 Casting, Nitronic 50 Casting, Alloy 20 Casting, Alloy 263 Casting, Alloy 286 Casting, Nimonic Casting, 15 5 PH Casting, Centrifugal Casting, Stainless Steel Casing, Aluminium Bronze Casting, Manganese Bronze Casting, Phosphor Bronze Casting, Gunmetal Casting, MS Stellite for Aerospace - KennametalUnlike many other materials that sacrifice toughness for wear resistance, Stellite alloy 6B offers both. With its excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical properties, Stellite alloy 6B is the material of choice for many demanding aerospace wear applications.

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    across the blade. Kennametal Stellite erosion shields, welded or brazed to the leading edge of these L-0 blades, slows water droplet erosion and crack propagation so that issues can be detected and repaired during regular inspections. Erosion shields are typically made from StelliteTM alloy 6B or from cast Stellite materials. Ask Stellite for Power Gen - Kennametalfrom StelliteTM alloy 6, StelliteTM alloy 6B, InconelTM alloy 718, or NoremTM alloy B2 materials. Together, NoremTM alloy B2 and InconelTM alloy 718 provide a no-cobalt solution for European application. In addition, many steam-handling components and valve surfaces benefit from the use of Stellite materials. Please see the Steam Stellite.. The Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation ExpertsStellite Commercial, Inc. 17 Calbayog Street, Brgy. Highway Hills. Mandaluyong 1550, Philippines. E:[email protected] T:632 531 4681. F:632 531 8882. M:0918

    The Basics of Stellites in Machining Perspective

    6, Stellite 12, Stellite 1 and Stellite 190, and Mo-containing Co-Cr-Mo-C combinations:such as Stellite 706, Stellite 712, Stellite 701 and Stellite 790 [6, 9]. A higher percentage of chromium (Cr) in them provides stellite alloys with high corrosion and wear resistance The Basics of Stellites in Machining PerspectiveStellite 6B and Stellite 6K fall within the group of wear-resistant alloys possessing a high proportion (about 30%) of Cr and about 65% of Co. The high proportion of Cr performs as the chief carbide former during alloy solidification, providing high strength. Wrought & Forged Stellite DeloroStellite 6B is produced in both bar and sheet form while Stellite 6K is produced only in sheet form. These materials are then cut to shape (laser or water jet) and machined into components to a customers drawing. Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K are available in sheets, plates and fabricated shapes.

    Stellite 6b® Cobalt Alloy Steel Cobalt-Chromium Alloy

    Stellite 6B® High Performance Cobalt Alloy Steel Alloy 6b® is a cobalt-based steel alloy that provides excellent corrosion resistance in extreme elements and high temperature environments, while also providing outstanding resistance to most types of wear.

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